Individual Coverage

Insurance plans include allowance-based benefits that work like a gift card when used at participating providers. The allowances are portable, they can be used to purchase items from multiple providers. 

Plans include allowances up to $250.00 for Eyewear and Vision Accessories and allowances up to $100.00 for Eye Examination including telehealth consultation and prescription renewal services.

  • Individuals and Plus Ones save up to 29% when they use their total benefit.
  • Families of Three or More save at least 28% when they use their total benefit.

Savings are based on the difference between the total allowance available to members and the total premium paid.

Participating Providers

Coverage is not available in all states
Exclusions: No benefits will be paid for services or materials connected with or charges arising from medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes or supporting structure.

Underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Company

Eyewear Savings Plan

15% off all Eyewear and Vision accessories.

A less expensive alternative to individual coverage for those that only need eyewear. The 15% discount is in addition to other discounts offered occasionally by our participating providers so check in with them regularly to get the best deal.

Participating Providers

This plan is NOT insurance. This is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This plan does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This is not a Medicare plan. The plan provides discounts at participating providers for services. The plan does not make payments directly to providers. The plan member is obligated to pay for all services but will receive a discount from participating providers. The licensed Discount Plan Organization is Linneo, LLC. 10201 N. Port Washington Rd., Mequon, WI 53092.