Benefits and Savings

Getting the right eyecare for yourself and your family isn’t always straightforward. When you choose Linneo, you are choosing to make your vision care as simple and affordable as possible. From our flexible insurance plans, eyewear savings plan, and network of online providers, Linneo is a great choice for many to avoid paying high out-of-pocket costs for eyewear, contact lenses, eye care, prescription renewal, and more.

Your Benefits When You Choose Linneo Vision Insurance

Linneo offers vision plan Insurance as well as an eyewear-saving plan.
Let’s take a look at the benefits you can access when you choose Linneo to save money on regular care:

Linneo Vision Insurance Plans

Linneo vision insurance plans offer an eyewear allowance between $100 to $250, depending on the insurance plan you choose. You can visit our enrollment page to learn more about the Linneo Insurance plans offered in your state. When you choose Linneo for an individual vision plan, you get access to our network of online providers:


SmartBuyGlasses is a global eyewear e-retailer with the goal of offering the largest assortment of eyewear online for the best prices whilst delivering gold-standard service.

Lensabl is the one-stop shop for all vision care products and services online. Lensabl offers a best-in-class lens replacement service, its own line of premium prescription frames, and contact lenses from all major contact brands.
Visibly creates digital vision testing technologies that enable patient choice and convenience while creating awesome user experiences.
EyeQue’s patented technology makes self-administered eye tests available to billions of people– many of whom may not have had the ability to test their eyes and correct their vision without access to low-cost, convenient solutions.
Eye care live logo
EyecareLive makes eye care accessible to all. Now, patients can virtually connect with an experienced eye care provider through EyecareLive’s vast network, all with just a single click.

Many Linneo vision insurance plans also have an exam allowance between $40 and $100. When you choose Linneo, our network is everywhere! Stick with your preferred provider or find one that is closest to where you live! After your appointment, Linneo will reimburse you for your designated allowance from your chosen plan.

Linneo not only offers allowances on eyewear, but our providers also offer exclusive discounts that can be applied to your insurance coverage. For example, if one of our network providers offers promotions for 15% off of a $100 purchase, you will only have to use $85 from your allowance. Then, you can use the remaining $15 however you’d like! Many of our providers offer frames for lower than $15 per pair, and there are no limits on the number of pairs of eyeglasses you can purchase per year.

Once the official Linneo app launches this summer, you will be notified of our provider discounts right from your phone! That way, you can make sure you are always getting the best possible price for eyewear!

Your Savings When You Choose an Eyewear Savings Plan

The Linneo Eyewear Savings Plan is a low-cost alternative to a vision insurance plan. The Linneo Eyewear Savings Plan offers discounts on eyewear for only $12 per year. For just $12 per year, you get 15% off of eyewear from our participating providers! Check out our enrollment page to find out if Linneo offers an Eyewear Savings Plan in your state.

You can also “stack” your discount on top of other discounts from our providers. Eyewear Saving Plans include access to Lensabl, Visibly, and EyeQue to renew prescriptions and purchase glasses or contact lenses.

When the Linneo app launches, you will be notified of discounts from these providers that you can “stack” onto the 15% from your Eyewear Savings Plan.

For Example:

You can purchase $100 worth of eyewear from one of our providers for 15% off of $100.

Then, when you click the Linneo link at checkout, your Eyewear Savings Plan 15% discount is applied as well, bringing your Total to $72.25.

How Do I Find an Eye Care Professional?

With Linneo, finding an eye care provider is simple. Our network is anywhere you are! That’s right!

After you enroll in a vision insurance plan, you can choose any provider you want to visit. Stick with your previous eyecare provider, find a new provider close to where you live, or use one of our virtual providers, like EyeQue or EyeCareLive, to get a prescription renewal or to talk to a professional.

There is no need to search through a complicated portal to find an in-network provider. All you have to do is submit your bill to Linneo, and we will reimburse your allowance amount. And that’s it—it is as simple as googling “eyecare professional near me” and choosing a provider you trust.

What Do I Need to Prepare for an Eye Exam?

Before you arrive for an in-person eye care appointment, there are a few things you should bring:

How Do I Purchase Glasses & Contact Lenses Online?

With Linneo, purchasing glasses and contact lenses is easier than ever. Here we’ve got a list of steps to start saving you money on eyewear & prescription renewals.

1. Sign Up for Linneo

Vision Insurance Plan or Eyewear Savings Plan

2. Make a List of Your Eyewear/Eyecare Needs

Including glasses, contacts, eye exams, and accessories.

3. Determine Your Providers

  • Vision Insurance Policy – SmartBuyGlasses, Visibly, Lensabl, EyeQue & EyecareLive
  • Eyewear Savings Plan- Visibly, Lensabl & EyeQue

4. Know Your Prescription Information

For new glasses, you will need your prescription information & pupillary distance. To purchase new contacts, you will need your prescription information, base curve, and diameter measurements.

5. Shop Like Any Other Online Store

Look for the Linneo link on the checkout screen. Input your name, date of birth and zip code, and your balance is automatically reduced by the benefit. From there, you check out normally!

Tips for Shopping for Eyeglasses & Contacts Online

Tip #1:

Look for discounts, check our app, or sign up for one of our network partner’s newsletters to get the latest information on provider discounts.

Tip #2:

Know your prescription before you get to checkout. For contact lens wearers, make sure that your prescription is not expired. Otherwise, you will have to get a prescription renewal before making a purchase. Luckily, Linneo offers virtual frame try-on through EyeQue—available for both vision insurance plans and the Eyewear Savings Plan.

How Do I Register for Individual Vision Insurance?

Getting set up with Linneo is super convenient. Simply visit our enrollment page and select your state. Then, you can browse through our policy options to select the plan that works best for you and your family members.
From there, navigate to your cart and to the checkout screen.

After you input your personal information, including the last 4 of your SSN, and checkout, you are all set to begin using your benefits for discounts on eyewear. Linneo does not send out insurance cards with subscriber numbers. Simply use your name, date of birth, and zip code at checkout, and your allowance or discount will be automatically applied.

How Can I View My Benefits?

Once you have chosen your Linneo benefits, all you need to do to view your benefits is to register for our web portal. Then, all you need to do is verify your identity by providing the last 4 of your SSN. From there, you can sign in and get all of the information you need about your coverage.